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JICS School ERP is not only a student infromation system. It is much more than that. With its integrated Finance and Human Resource module it can take care of all the system and process needed to run your organization efficiently.


JICS Tech provides a simple, clear and easy to use dashboard which is loved by all of our customers. Teachers and parents find it really easy to learn and start using JICS School ERP. The User Interface and User Experience design of JICS School ERP is done with lot of care and research.

Simple, Clear login form

The login form to access your dashboard is simple, big and clear. The logo above the login form will be of your institute. Users know exactly what to do once they come to the login form. There is option to recover your lost password also.


Beautiful Iconic User Interface

One of the major feature that differentiates JICS School ERP from other student information systems and school ERPs. The iconic interface offers a non-confusing and comfortable dashboard for the users.


Campus updates

Know the recent updates happening in your campus. Feed the users with the news they need to see. Attach images and format the messages. Users can leave comments to the news.


Everything on a single click

The advanced options and extra menu fields are available on the top menu of the dashboard. It is hidden from the normal user to avoid confusion. All settings and features can be accessed directly from anywhere within JICS School ERP.

Access the Messages

There is an internal messaging system within JICS School ERP which is simple and powerful. You don’t need external email services to communicate with students and teachers. Access the messages from the dashboard itself.


Change password

The users can change password anytime to make sure all their data is secure and private. We highly recommend changing passwords frequently.

Separate dashboard for Students and Teachers

JICS School ERP provides login to teachers, students, parents and employees of an institutions. The dashboard of these users are different from each other according to their privileges.


Courses & Batches

Courses and Batches is the unique concept of JICS School ERP which makes it a powerful ERP. Multiple courses and batches can be managed in the same installation of JICS School ERP. You can run an MBA college and K-12 school in same JICS School ERP installation.

Manage courses

You can add, edit and delete the courses applicable for your institution. Courses are the super set of Batches. You can have multiple courses within a single JICS School ERP.


Manage batches

Batches are the subset of courses. You can run unlimited batches for each course. Batches are temporary and expires according to the period interval of batch. The concept of batches make JICS School ERP easy to use for large organizations.

Manage subjects

Add, edit and delete subjects applicable for each batches. You can add normal or elective subjects. Subjects are associated with particular teachers and used for timetable generation and examination creation.


Transfer students

Students are transferred from one batch to another during the expiry of the batch period. Usually it is during the end of academic year. Admin have total control on how the students can be transferred.

Import previous batch’s subjects

Subjects change when the syllabus is changed by the management. But if the same subjects are applicable for a new batch also, the old subjects can be imported to new batch and edited later.


Manage Tutor

You can assign tutor to batches. Tutor is the person who is in-charge of a particular batch. A tutor is also known as class teacher.

Student Admission

The student admission module of JICS School ERP takes care of the profiling of students. The data entered through the admission form are stored for future processing. You can add guardians and other important details of the student.

Detailed admission form

All the details of a student are captured through the admission form. This helps JICS School ERP to create custom reports in the future and makes it one of the accurate student information system.


Automatic Login ID

All the students admitted will get an automatic login id and password to access the JICS School ERP system. The login id is usually the admission number.

Previous institution details

Add the past history of the student to analyze his performance.


Guardian details

Add full information of parents and guardians so that all the information related to the student is available on a single mouse click.

Emergency contact

Save the emergency contact information so that it can be accessed easily incase of an emergency in future.


Custom fields

You can add or edit extra fields in the admission form to make it matching to your system and process.

Student Information

The student information modules provides you with all data of a student in an easy and innovative way. Its functions are limitless.

Quick & Easy search

Search the students quickly and access all information easily.


Advanced Search

Smart filtering options for advanced search. Create custom reports of student lists.

Student reports

Access the academic and non-academic information of students, directly from their profile. Academic performance will be shown graphically compared with class average.


Messaging system

Message directly to student’s parents from the profile. Easy communication system within the JICS SCHOOL ERP installation.

SMS to students and parents

Send messages directly to the mobile phone of a parent. Set automatic alerts to be send to parents as messages.


Search former students

You can also search archived students in-case of any need. All students entered through JICS SCHOOL ERP  are stored in the database as long as you need it.

Human Resources

JICS School ERP has an integrated human resource management module which helps you manage the entire workforce of your organization.

Manage Employees

Add, edit or remove employees of your institute. Setup and manage employee position, grade and department. Add additional details.


Payroll Management

Setup and Manage salary details of an employee. The employees will have access to view their payroll. This feature is connected with finance module for smooth operation.

Subject Association

Associate the academic subjects with employees. It will help in creating timetables, examinations and tracking attendance.


Search Employees

You can search employees and access their data. There is basic search as well as advanced search with custom filters.

Leave management

Add or edit leave types. Manage leave applications. Employees can apply for leave through their dashboard. Manager can approve or reject leave applications.


Payslip generation

Generate payslips individually or of all the employees on a single click. Integrated with the finance module for easy tracking and management.

Payslip management

You can approve or revert the payslips. You can also create custom payslips for a particular month.


Time Table

Time table is the heart of a school. With the help of an intelligent time tabling solution your school will function efficiently. JICS School ERP has a time table module which is simple to manage yet powerful.

Simple Time Table creation

In JICS School ERP you can create timetables using a unique drag and drop interface. Just drop the subjects to the corresponding periods and your time table will be ready.


Teacher Assignment

With the help of the Human Resource module JICS School ERP assigns teachers available for each subjects.

Automatic Time Table Generation

We provide a intelligent timetable generator with the Pro version JICS School ERP. You have to just give the teachers, subjects and other basic settings as input. JICS School ERP will take care of the algorithm to generate timetable.

News & Messaging

JICS School ERP has a news module which shows campus updates to all the logged in users. There is also an internal messaging system for easy and transparent communication across departments and persons.

Campus News

Create campus updates similar to blogging. The updates can be viewed across the system by students and employees.


Leave Comments

Viewers can leave comments and take part in discussion of the news.

Styling and Attachments

The news can be stylized using a rich text editor. You can also attach documents, images and pdf with the news updates so that students, parents, teachers and employees can download and use it.


Internal Messaging

You don’t have to use an external email system to communicate with people of your institution. There is an inbuilt messaging system within JICS School ERP which you can use to communicate with teachers, students and other employees.

Group messaging

For easy and quick communication, you can use the group messaging system across departments and batches.


SMS alerts

Integrate your bulk SMS provider with JICS School ERP so that messages can be delivered to mobile phones of the parents and teachers for instant communication.


Institution Timetable

There is an institution view for the generated timetable which shows the timetable of the institution for any particular day.

Other options

This module offers more features like custom week days and class timings. Also the timetable can be viewed by students and teachers from their dashboard.


Event Management

JICS School ERP provides a fully functional event management system which can be used create and edit campus events which are automatically integrated with the school calendar.

Create Event

Add or delete events specific to your institution. eg: School Day, Campus Tour, Employee Meeting, Parent Teachers meet etc..


Event Type

Events can be of two types – Holidays or Normal Events. Events can be created across departments, batches or specific groups.

Integrated with School Calendar

The events can be seen in the school calendar also which can be accessed directly from the dashboard of users.


Event Alerts

All the events created will be notified to its participants through the messaging system and also through SMS.

Student attendance

Manage and track the attendance of students using the functions in this module

Attendance Options

There are options like subject-wise and daily wise for attendance type. If daily wise is selected there is option to mark half day or full day attendance.


Attendance reports

Detailed reports of attendance of students which can be overall report of the batch for a academic year or report for a particular month.

Integration with Teacher’s Dashboard

If subject wise attendance is selected, the teacher associated with the subject will get automatic privilege to mark the attendance of the students.


Integration with External devices

The attendance module can be integrated with API of normal hardware like swipe card, biometric attendance device etc..


All the features you need to successfully create and conduct evaluation of students using examinations are available in this module

Manage Exams

Create exams for subjects applicable for the courses and batches. Give details of exams like date,start time, end time, grade, marks etc..


Marks or/and Grades

You can choose either marks or grades as the evaluation criteria. You can also choose Marks and Grades together if needed.

Exam Timetable

The created exams will generate an exam timetable which can be viewed in the school calendar.


Exam Reports

There are plenty of reports available to compare the results like exam wise report, student wise report, consolidated report, subject report etc..

Group Exams

If you want to group different exams for the final mark list of a batch, you can do it easily in JICS School ERP.


Publish Results

The published exam results can be accessed by the students and parents through their dashboards. The reports are available in pdf format also.

User Management

JICS School ERP provides advanced user management functions to set privileges for each and every users.

Control Privileges

Using this module you can assign different privileges to the users of JICS School ERP. The users are the employees added through the Human Resource module of JICS School ERP. A good example is an accountant working in your office, who will have access only to the finance module. But he cant view the student details. Similarly you can assign Human Resource module to the HR manager of your institute. He can take care of all HR related functions without interfering in student details and finance of the institution.



The finance modules of JICS School ERP provides advanced features to manage finance of the entire institution.

Fee Management

Create master fees. Create categories with particulars for master fees. Set fee collection date for these master fee. Fee details with due date will be available in school calendar for students and parents.


Finance Category

The main categories are Salary, Donation and Fees. Other categories can be added manually and can be classified as income or expense. It will be reflected in the financial report of the institution.

Transaction Reports

Graphical reports about the income-expense status of institution can be generated very easily. It can be set for a particular time period and can be exported as PDF.


Automatic Transactions

If you want to deduct a predefined percentage of amount from the fee, you can do it in JICS School ERP with a few mouse clicks.

Assets and Liabilities

JICS School ERP offers a simple asset and liability management system to enter data related to purchases and loan taken for the institute. A more detailed inventory module is available with the pro version.


Export to XML

You can export the finance data of JICS School ERP in xml format so that it can be processed in other external applications. You can make JICS School ERP communicate with other applications with minimum level of customization.

Employee Login

See what all things you can do when logged in as a Teacher or normal employee

View Profile

Employees and Teachers can view their personal profile and suggest edits. Profile contain personal, contact and other details.


Apply Leave

Employees can apply for leave through their dashboard. The manager will have to approve leave. Employee can also view their remaining leave.

View Payslip

Employee can view their monthly payslip to know about their salary details.


School Calendar

There is a school calendar view that anyone can access from the dashboard which shows important events in the institution.

Personal Timetable

Teachers can view the timetable that is applicable to their duties and responsibilities.


Messaging system

There is an integrated messaging system through which employees can communicate with other employees as well as to parents and students.

Student Details

If sufficient privilege is given, teachers can view details the students and view their reports.


Examination Details

Teachers can enter the results of the examination conducted for his/her subjects. The updated results will be available in student’s dashboard.

Student and Parent Login

See what all things you can do when logged in as a parent or student.

View Profile & Reports

Students can view their profiles which contains academic reports and attendance reports. They can view campus news and leave comments.


School Calendar

There is a school calendar view that anyone can access from the dashboard which shows important events in the institution.


Students can view their individual timetable and prepare for the school studies well in advance.


Messaging system

There is an integrated messaging system through which students and parents can communicate with the teachers, employees and other students.

Fee status

Parents can view the Fee due dates and the information on whether a fee is paid or not. Details will be available from school calendar or from student’s profile.



A simple yet powerful library management system within JICS School ERP.

Add Books

Add, edit and remove books with all details that are available in your library. Students can search the book details from their dashboard and apply for issue.


Issue, Renew, Reserve, Return

Use the features to do multiple options like issue, renewal, reservation and return of books.


Advanced book search with filters book title, author and tags


Movement Log

Get exact details of the movement of any specific book across your institution.

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